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About Andilana:

The restoration Grup Andilana was born in 1958 with the opening of Hostal Vostra Llar in Palamós, in the heart of the Costa Brava. The successful management has been the platform in order to achieve a wide range of restaurants and hotels in the nation and worldwide.

Mediterranean cuisine, exclusive care in locations and design and an excellent value for money, are the ingredients that make Andilana Hotels & Restaurants unique experiences.

About Miu:

The philosophy for this restaurant is the traditional Japanese cuisine with connotations of modernity and Mediterranean character. The inspiration comes from the Nipponese (Izakaya) taverns in which they share experiences and food around the table. Privileged location and an atmosphere not far away from the oriental style décor features an avant-garde look highlighting a binomial combination of turquoise-white, wood and large Asian lamps.

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Cartia Miu Andilana
Cartia Miu Andilana

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